JVC GY-HD Series Power Solutions and Accessories

Considering the GY-HD's use of full size bayonet mount lenses, it is more relevant than ever to use larger 90Wh batteries when using the HD100, HD110 and the new HD200 camcorders. An adapter provides the ability to utilize a wide range of batteries to properly balance the camera and power it for extended periods of time and has become very popular with this model camera. The only downside was the high price. At Batteries4Broadcast we're providing alternative power sources for cameras at significant savings!

Our battery adapter plates mount quickly and easily to your camera and reduces the 15V batteries down to the 7.2V which the JVC cameras require. This setup also offers the advantage of providing a hefty power out for a 12V light. We offer similar products at a significant savings. All batteries are available with either an IDX style V-Mount or AB Style/Gold Mount. Feel free to contact us with any questions at 1.888.585.0620

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V-Mount to JVC adapter. Installs in minutes with only a screw driver. Safely converts 14 volts to the 7.2 volts your JVC needs. Balances the camera nicely with our 1.5 pound 90 Watt-hour battery

Helpful Downloads:
Mounting Instructions PDF
Install Video-Podcast
Install Video-Quicktime

JVHD-C290 Package
This powerful package includes:

1 SM-C2 2 ch. charger w/power supply
1 JVHD-VM Adapter
2 SM-4060 90Wh batteries

Package Price: $900.00
Save $130 off our retail price!

JVHD-TC90 Package
This package includes:

1 TC-1 Travel charger
1 JVHD-VM Adapter
1 SM-4060 90Wh batteries

Package Price: $475.00


Rain Cover
This universal rain/spray cover fits the JVC-GY HD series nicely with plenty of working room. Protect your investment from the harsh elements of location shooting.
Price: $45